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What is a Belleville disc spring?

A Belleville disc spring is a conical-shaped spring with an open center. It is shaped much like a washer and is typically smaller than a coiled spring. Belleville disc springs are ideal for cushioning heavy loads with short motion. The load/deflection ratio can be changed by using more than one Belleville disc spring, stacked either in series or in parallel.

A Belleville disc spring is characterized by four dimensions: outside diameter (De), inside diameter (Di), material thickness (t), and deflection-to-flat (ho).

Belleville disc springs provide the following advantages:

• Conserve space;
• Offer a long service life;
• Can be used in conjunction with coiled springs;
• Offer great versatility when stacked in series or in parallel;
• Increase the reliability of machinery;
• Prevent bolt failures;
• Maintain the positioning accuracy of ball bearings;
• Minimize thermal expansion;
• Are self-damping;
• Distribute loads evenly;
• Absorb shocks.

Our engineers can help you determine the springs needed to meet the requirements of your specific application. Well-designed springs contribute to increased efficiency and prolonged service life for your equipment.