BelleFlex™ can meet your company’s need for nearly any material or application. Our in-stock Bellevilles, such as inch series bolt washers, ball bearing disc springs, flange bolting, and metric fasteners, are available in a wide range of materials for more common applications. Our extensive raw material inventory allows us to provide quick turnaround on non-standard and custom applications, as well. For even more specialized needs, other materials are available upon request. BelleFlex™ maintains a national base of raw material suppliers, enabling us to quickly procure special materials for unique applications.

BelleFlex™ engineers are available 24/7 to provide assistance with material selection, specifications, and design and engineering support for custom applications. We urge you to contact our engineering team to discuss your requirements and to identify the right material and finish to meet your needs.

Materials may be plated or coated. BelleFlex™ utilizes plating materials, such as clear zinc, yellow zinc, cadmium (cad clear), chrome, and electroless nickel (EN). Coating materials include phosphate and oil, black oxide, and Teflon. We can plate or coat with nearly any material required for an application.

The table below provides a quick reference
of our most commonly used materials.

Temperatures are intended as guidelines only. Other factors, such as operating environment, atmosphere, and contact media, will affect final performance.


Dan Emanuele, Metallurgical Engineer