For the high stress requirements of automotive, locomotive, trucking, and heavy equipment components, BelleFlex ball bearing disc springs are an excellent choice. Bellevilles are widely used in hydraulics, brake assemblies, train trucks, clutches, and transmissions, among other components. Some applications in the transportation industry may use radial ball bearings. The rolling elements of radial ball bearings roll on two races, an outer race and an inner race. The use of Bellevilles to pre-load radial ball bearings helps to maintain position and minimize vibration by distributing the load evenly around the bearing race.  Shaft end play can undermine the performance of the ball bearing application. The addition of properly pre-loaded Bellevilles helps to eliminate shaft end play and increase application life. A BelleFlex ball bearing disc spring can be designed so that the outside diameter and the inside diameter of the spring exert pre-load on the outer and inner races, even though the races have differently sized ball bearings.

BelleFlex Belleville disc springs have a long life and are well-suited to sealed applications, such as transmissions. Available in materials, such as H13 Tool Steel, 300 Series Stainless Steel, and INCONEL Alloys, BelleFlex Bellevilles can withstand high temperatures, frequent cycling, and high loads. We also produce custom Bellevilles, which are used in the automotive industry.