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Belleville disc springs are essential in many manufacturing components. BelleFlex™ serves manufacturing facilities, such as petro-chemical plants, steel mills, and paper mills, by providing Bellevilles for use in components, such as rolls, hydraulics, and actuators. Bellevilles are even used in the safety harnesses that protect workers.

Manufacturers use all types of Bellevilles, including flange bolting, inch series bolt washers, ball bearing disc springs, and metric fasteners. By maintaining load in bolted joints, flange bolts reduce leaks in pipelines and cylinders. Inch series bolt washers maintain tension in bolted assemblies that enables hydraulic lifts to perform safely and reliably. Ball bearing disc springs keep shafts operating smoothly by adding pre-load to radial ball bearings, which helps to maintain position and minimize vibration through even load distribution. Metric fasteners are used in many applications, throughout manufacturing facilities, to stop bolts from working loose, as pre-load is lost, by counteracting the axial compliance of the joint.

BelleFlex™ is a supplier to manufacturing facilities world-wide. Whether the need is for light duty flange bolting or DIN specification-compliant metric series Bellevilles and fasteners, BelleFlex™ can promptly meet the need of manufacturing operations for Bellevilles.