Downhole Drilling

Downhole drilling can reach extreme depths. The heat and vibration involved in downhole drilling pose special challenges for the equipment. Bellevilles are used in jar and shock tools to counteract these stresses.

Belleville disc springs play a crucial role in shock tools because they are required to absorb axial vibrations which stress the tool. A stack of Bellevilles helps to compensate for the adverse conditions of downhole drilling, such as hole depth, drilling weight, bit pressure drops, and mud weights. This stack provides high load carrying capacity and a linear spring rate, thereby creating an optimum spring rate for each shock tool. Positioning a Belleville stack close to the drill bit provides non-linear recoil to the bit during drilling, which results in smoother operation and reduced wear on the motor.

Belleville reliability is especially important, since downhole drilling is often done from offshore platforms where access to parts and maintenance is limited. Using BelleFlex™ Bellevilles can help to increase the rate of penetration (ROP) and support accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in downhole drilling.