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Belleville disc springs are critical components. At BelleFlex™ Technologies, we provide 24/7 support to keep your operation running smoothly. We produce Belleville disc springs, compliant to DIN specifications 2092, 2093, and 6796, at our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility in southwestern Pennsylvania. BelleFlex™ Belleville disc springs, used singly or stacked to achieve desired load and travel, are the solution for flange leakage, distributing bearing loads, providing constant load, generating and sustaining tension, and spanning alignment holes. With a size range of 0.236” to 48” O.D., years of metallurgical experience, and 24/7 engineering support, BelleFlex™ Technologies is the choice for Belleville disc springs.

We stock a complete line of Belleville disc springs and produce custom products.

BelleFlex™ Technologies is
certified to ISO 9001
Quality System Standards.

BelleFlex™ can meet your company’s need for nearly any material, such as H13 Tool Steel, 6150 Alloy Steel,
17-7 PH Stainless Steel, and 300 Series Stainless Steel.
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